Loteria de Nino 2018: Play Spanish Lottery Online

Spanish Summer Raffle 2018 Online!

The Spanish Summer Raffle is one of the prominent lottery that is administered by Loterias y Aspuetas Del Estado. This lottery is recognized to be one of the largest lottery in the world for continuously running from 1812 till date.

Official Loteria Del Nino Tickets Online

Official Summer Raffle Tickets Online

There are several lottery enthusiasts out there, who want to grab the best of their luck in this game of fortune. After all, the Spanish lottery is recorded as the largest lottery worldwide in terms of its prize money.

In 2018, the worth of the big  jackpot is about €140 million, which is about 70% value of the tickets that are sold in Spain and around the world.

Giving you the convenience to test your luck at the comfort of your home, this big 140 million Euro lottery has made its way to the online world.

With this, people can purchase their tickets, using online platforms during Spanish lottery time. The lottery is based on simple tickets that have 5-digit numbers.

Hence, it’s just like any regular Spanish lottery ticket that you can find online. Because of the astounding popularity of the game, one ticket gets printed multiple number of times.

However, tickets which were printed multiple number of times where considered to be expensive when compared with the unique tickets. For better understanding, the lottery tickets were divided into three categories which are:

  • Serie: Here, each Billete or the 5-digit numbers where printed multiple number of times but in different series.
  • Billete: The cost of these tickets are €200, which has a set of 5 digit number with 10 Decimo
  • Decimo: The cost of these tickets is €20, which is one-tenth of the Billete. People often purchase the Decimo.

No matter which ticket you choose – excitement, joy and hope to win millions is guaranteed when you play Spanish lottery online.