Play Summer Spanish Raffle of 2017 Online – elGordo del Verano – draw Takes Place on 1st of July 2017

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The Summer Spanish Raffle of 2017 with more than 140 million euros (160 million dollars) in prizes. Make your summer holiday special this year with a chance to win millions. Spanish Sorteo elGordo del Verano with 140 million euros in prizes.

The very popular drawing of “El Gordo de Verano” is known locally as the drawing of San Ildefonso de Verano and constitutes one of the super raffles of the National Lottery.

This exciting lottery takes place on the first Saturday of July every year and offers a spectacular chance to win a prize for all lottery players around the world.

Extraordinary Summer Draw – Jackpot Information

Lottery players around the world are given the opportunity to take home their prize pool of a total of € 140 million in play.

There are 10 jackpots guaranteed in prize of € 2 million each (the total amount reaches about € 20 million) and then 378,000 individual prizes to be won.

The Gordo de Verano in its extraoridinario draw brings enormous odds of winning, being the odds 1 of 3 or perhaps better, all the profits of this lottery are paid in cash and a 20% of tax is applied by the Government of Spain on any gains over € 2,500.

How to play your decimo (tenth) in the extraordinary summer draw

The “El Gordo de Verano” draw is more like a raffle whose tickets are already numbered and lottery players only have to choose one or more tickets with numbers from 0 to 99,999.

Lottery players therefore have a total of 100,000 numbered tickets to choose from.

The 100,000 numbers are sold 10 times in an iron or “series”, each iron is divided into ten bills called ‘tenths’. In other words, each number can be played a total of 100 times.

Players can buy all available tickets of that specific number, thus guaranteeing them the maximum prize amount of being that number the winner.

Alternatively they can choose different numbers of their tenths and receive the 1/10 of the ticket in prize if that number wins winner.

When to Play

The extraordinary draw of vernado of the Spanish national lottery takes place every year specifically the first Saturday of July.

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