Wshful Review – Improve your Odds of Winning the Lottery



Wshful Review

One of the biggest gambles that people can make is playing the lottery. Yes, it is a fact that the odds of winning are downright staggering, but this doesn’t mean it is not worth a try. After all, we have all heard the stories about the winners who took home major jackpots and we have envied them too. The good news is that there are different ways that can help you in boosting your chances of winning the lottery. Lottery syndicates are one such way and there are a number of syndicates that have won prizes. However, websites such as Wsful are taking syndicates to a whole new level.

This new player in the market has managed to cause quite a stir due to their unique lottery model. Wshful’s idea is to be able to provide its customers a number of tickets not just for local lotteries, but also those around the world. This website is made for syndicate lovers and the first thing you will notice is the easy registration process Wshful has to offer. One of the best things about the website is that it also gives you the opportunity of linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This makes the registration very straightforward, but you have to pay for your subscription in order to complete the process.

Next, come the syndicate bundles, which are currently available only for three lotteries, but these are 3 of the biggest lotteries in the world. Wshful allows you to join syndicates for Powerball, Mega Millions and Euromillions. You can join a 20-line syndicates for $4 a week and this is good for about four weeks. After the four weeks are over, you will be billed again for four weeks and this will continue until you decide to cancel your subscription. Another very appealing fact about Wshful is that there is no lottery betting involved because the website actually purchases the tickets on your behalf so you are really participating in the lottery and not just betting on the outcome.

One more perk that Wshful has to offer to people is that it limits the number of members of a syndicate; every syndicate is only allowed to have about 88 members. How is that helpful? The syndicates on other websites have hundreds of members and the prize has to be split amongst all of them. But, with the number of members limited, it means you can now get a bigger share of the pie. Other than that, Wshful offers you three different subscription plan options to choose from. Technically, you only pay for Mega Millions and Euromillions shares and you get Powerball lines for every referral.

A successful referral means that you can get free Powerball lines for about five weeks. As far as other websites go, Wshful’s referral system is very unique as it doesn’t give you any cash back offers or VIP points. Rather, you get Wshful points with every successful referral. When you have successfully reached certain milestones, you are automatically given shares in additional lotteries. In terms of safety and security, Wshful definitely comes out on top as the website uses SSL encryption for keeping the payment details of the players under lock and key.

In addition, Wshful is also complaint with PCI DSS and is also verified by MasterCard and Visa. What does this mean? This means that users can safely use their credit cards for making their payments on the website. Another feature to be noted about the website is that everything is completely automated. As compared to other lottery websites, you don’t have to decide how many draws you wish to participate in or choose your numbers for that matter. All you have to do is get done with your registration and pay for the subscription plan of your choice. Moreover, you can cancel the subscription easily when you feel like it and will simply not renew on the next billing date.

In the case of payment methods, credit and debit cards are accepted, but Wshful has not introduced alternative payment methods like PayPal and Skrill as yet. But, one thing to remember about Wshful is that withdrawing is supremely easy and you will have no problem with it at all as it can be done via your bank account. When you win a prize, you are immediately contacted through your phone or email, but only when your innings are above £100, but if they are less, you will not be informed. For that, you will have to check your Wshful account manually.

One more advantage that you can enjoy with Wshful is that there is no deadline for claiming a prize. Thus, if you don’t check your account immediately and do it later on, you will still be able to get your prize without any issues. Furthermore, even if you cancel your subscriptions, your winnings will still stay in your account. The money will be transferred into your bank account by Wshful and they will not charge any commission from you. In terms of customer support as well, Wshful has done an excellent job.

It might not look like much at first glance, but the FAQs section covers all the details, even if it seems sparse. However, there aren’t much problems because Wshful is easy to use and people can get the hang of it rather quickly. Still, even after going through the FAQs, if you have a problem, you have other options that you can control. You can get in touch with the website via email, phone and even online contact form. They have also provided a business address if anyone wants to get in touch in person.

In regard to requirements, players who are 18 or above can participate in the lottery through Wshful. They can reside anywhere except the United States, but Wshful encourages people residing in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, South Africa and Canada to use their services in order to play the popular lotteries and get a chance to win.