LOTTOHOY, ONLINE LOTTERY SALE PLATFORM is an online platform for online lottery sales that offers its customers the chance to play the big jackpots of world lotteries. Playing through LottoHoy is very simple, the platform is currently available in English, Spanish and Russian.

LottoHoy’s offer is based on three fundamental points:

LottoHoy - Play Now

LottoHoy – Play Now

  • Transaction security
  • Variety of lotteries and game ease
  • Ticket price (the lowest price in the sector)

Security at LottoHoy

LottoHoy has security protocols with 256 bit A + SSL Certificate for the exchange of electronic information, so that all operations are 100% secure. This is very important to ensure that the funds of all users are protected.

Both deposits in the user account and individual purchases can be made through secure payment platforms, ranging from credit or debit card, NETELLER, Skrill, Paysafecard, Paypal, and cryptocurrencies (up to 50 different cryptocurrencies)

Variety of online lotteries and game ease

Currently have the world lotteries that larger jackpots accumulate:




They are working hard to add more lotteries in the shortest time possible and expand their selection of games with all Spanish lotteries such as “LA PRIMITIVA” , “EL BONO LOTO” and the FAT.

Not only that, but they will also have more lotteries like all of Australia, Brazil and many other countries.

Playing through LottoHoy is very simple, the platform is currently available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Simply let yourself be guided by the indications of the main screen, choose the lottery and then the numbers that will configure your bet.

You can do it by directly marking the boxes or letting the system randomly choose them.

The price of lottery tickets at LottoHoy

The best bonus, the best gift that LottoHoy makes to its customers, is to keep prices super tight. Surely the lowest in the sector. Also, they do not force a minimum of purchases or plays, so the player feels free to act as best suits him.

It is recommended that you subscribe to receive your communications, since this way they will contact you with exclusive promotions.

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